Hep C – Easy Test. Easy Cure.


Easy Test

New hepatitis C rapid testing is available in the Riverland in August 2022. This new technology return results within an hour, and if you test positive, a course of tablets taken over 8 or 12 weeks can clear the virus. Testing is free and treatment is government-subsidised for all Australians.

For more information and testing locations call 1800 437 222 or visit hepsa.asn.au

Meet us in your Riverland pharmacy for a hep C fingerstick test!
Date Location — Testing hrs: 10am to 2pm (all locations)
Tue 9 Aug Loxton Amcal Pharmacy 6 East Tce, Loxton
Wed 10 Aug Berri Amcal Pharmacy 14 Vaughan Tce, Berri
Thu 11 Aug Renmark United Chemist Renmark Square, Renmark
Fri 12 Aug Barmera Pharmacy 20 Barwell Ave, Barmera

Easy Cure

In March 2016, the Australian government subsidised revolutionary new hepatitis C medicines for all Australians. General Practitioners and nurse practitioners can now directly prescribe and manage hepatitis C treatment for their patients. Prescriptions can also be filled at local community pharmacies.

New hepatitis C treatments are simple, quick, highly effective and have few side effects.

New Old

Tablets only

Injections and tablets

Injections and tablets

8-24 weeks

8 or 12 weeks

24-48 weeks

24 to 48 weeks

Over 90% success

Over 97% success

50-80% success

50% to 80% success

Mild side effects

Few or no side effects

Nasty side effects

Nasty side effects

The success of these new treatments has made the elimination of hepatitis C a real possibility.

Talk to us – Free and Confidential

Hepatitis Helpline on 1800 437 222 (1800 HEP ABC)
Webchat at hepsa.asn.au

For more information on the new hepatitis C treatments and the treatment process visit the Hepatitis C Treatment page on the Hepatitis SA website.

Which doctor?

Any GP should be able to discuss treatment options with you.

If you need help finding a GP, call the Hepatitis SA helpline on 1800 437 222.

Which pharmacy?

Many pharmacies across South Australia will fill prescriptions for hepatitis C medicines.

If you prefer to fill your prescription online, remember:

  • to have a delivery and collection process where the medicine is not compromised by extreme temperatures, and
  • to allow enough time for order processing and so there’s no break in your dosage.